About Enhance NZ


Enhance Accessories (NZ) is owned and operated by Jock and Sandra Heath and was started in March 2004. We have a son, Nathan who thinks he should attend any company outings we might have.  We run the business from our basement at home in Auckland.  Mia works for us full time in the office and she does a fantastic job making our customers happy and filling orders.  We have 5 reps on the road visiting our customers - ably supported by Mia in the office.


“Look after your customers and they will look after you”

It is our desire to provide an excellent service to our customers and we endeavour to hold our products in stock in Auckland to enable overnight turnaround for orders received before 2:30pm.  We provide complete support for our products and we repair most of our products or alternatively will replace items that we cannot repair.  Our guiding focus is to ‘make the customer happy’ 

About us

When we can we love to get away and go skiing anywhere that we can find snow.  Summer time will find us out in the boat on the Harbour for a picnic and alleged hooking of fish. It does happen sometimes although I am sure Sandra thinks the fish was bought at the shop.  Sandra likes to jog frequently, Jock likes to run as infrequently as possible!  Jock has a bit of a quirky sense of humour as can be seen by his trees below…  From left to right they are Artexercies, Dartanyn and Steve.  Artexercies is the serious one in the group with Steve being the extrovert. We are never sure what Dartanyun is thinking……

Enhance NZ Trees